Rapper-pilot’s viral video trashing Air India backfires

Rapper-pilot’s viral video trashing Air India backfires

The star of an obscenity-laced video trashing the airline is now apologizing to his employers. Heroes of hip-hop mourn

We’ve all dreamed of starring in our own viral hip-hop video in which we lambaste our employer, humiliate our co-workers, drop “f” bombs and complain how unappreciated we are, right?

Well, maybe not.

But one Air India pilot has done just that with a homemade video that’s making the rounds and upsetting his bosses.

In the video, the uniformed pilot complains about unpaid salary and aging flight attendants and claims that “people at the top” of the company have ruined the airline.

According to The Times of India, the 28-year-old pilot has already given a written apology to management. Disciplinary action is pending.

“The airline says it will speak to the Dreamliner co-pilot and review his past conduct before taking a final decision on him,” says the Times of India report.

The pilot has refused to speak with media, but co-workers describe him as an enthusiastic and all-around musician.

“The pilot is in the wrong profession,” deadpanned an unnamed Air India official quoted by The Times. “Since he is so talented as a musician, he should have been in a rock band.”

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