The perfect passengers: Single young men

The perfect passengers: Single young men

Survey reveals what cabin crew really think about us and why it's still a man's world even 9,000 meters in the air
cabin crew
"Please, I insist. You're statistically perfect, after all."

It's good to be a man, no matter where you are in the world -- on the ground or in the air.

Skyscanner's first survey of cabin crew revealed that the "perfect passenger," from the point of view of the crew, is a European male in his 30s, traveling on his own in economy class for leisure purposes.

The global travel search company also polled the crew on pet peeves related to passenger behavior.

More than 700 international cabin crew members from 85 countries were surveyed. The respondents who operated in United Kingdom airspace voted for the English male passenger as their model passenger, while the Welsh male passenger got the collective thumbs down. 

When it comes to passenger behavior that cabin crew can't stand, 26 percent of the respondents said clicking your fingers to get attention from the crew is the worst thing you can do on a plane.

Scrambling to leave the plane before the seat belt sign is switched off and trying to stuff too much hand luggage into the overhead compartments are also among the top most annoying passenger habits. 

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We've got to admit we're guilty of a few of the following passenger behaviors that tick off cabin crew: 

1. Clicking fingers to get attention 
2. Leaving seat after touchdown, before the seatbelt sign goes off 
3. Stuffing too many bags into the overhead bin
4. Complaining that there's no space for a bag in the locker 
5. Talking through the safety demonstration
6. Asking for more blankets or pillows
7. Stuffing rubbish in the seat pocket
8. Asking for a different meal
9. Ringing the attendant bell to complain about temperature
10. Asking for a specific brand of drink 

Are you guilty of any of these habits? What's the worst thing you've ever done to cabin crew on a plane?

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