United States the 'best tourism brand'

United States the 'best tourism brand'

But Spain and Thailand do it better when it comes to online searches
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Brand USA: Strong, but not as savvy as others at giving tourists what they search for.

The United States has retained its place at the top of a list ranking countries on their "brand power."

Bloom Consulting’s Country Branding Ranking for 2012 placed the United States with the highest tourism ranking, ahead of Spain, France and China. The company also compiled a trade ranking, which the United States also topped.

The higher a country’s branding ranking, the more successful it is in attracting foreign direct investment or tourism, the group says.

The objective of the measure is to establish how much revenue a country could potentially add to its economy via trade and tourism, according to Bloom CEO, Jose Filipe Torres.

The rankings are devised from measurements taking into account historical economic performance, economic growth and countries’ branding strategy (CBS).

The ranking also includes what Bloom Consulting called a "CBS rating," which looks at how well a country's tourism offerings match up to what people are searching for online.

Country Branding Ranking for tourism:

1. United States
2. Spain
3. France
4. China
5. Turkey
6. Thailand
7. Germany
8. Macau
9. United Kingdom
10. Australia

Top rating for Country Brand Strategy (those good at supplying tourism offerings that match online searches)

1. Spain
2. Thailand
3. Macau
4. Mexico
5. Croatia
6. Morocco
7. United Arab Emirates
8. Hungary
9. Finland
10. Philippines