Pop-up 'container hotel' hits Belgium. Extreme hipness ensues

Pop-up 'container hotel' hits Belgium. Extreme hipness ensues

Sleeping Around converts abandoned shipping containers into boutique hotel rooms, guests into trendy cargo
Ah, the good life -- at least according to mobile container hotel Sleeping Around.

What's more important to you when picking a hotel -- convenient location or cool factor? 

A new Belgian pop-up hotel with the racy name Sleeping Around is betting on the latter. The company has converted a number of old Chinese shipping containers into wandering boutique hotel rooms. 

The mobile rooms travel as a small "village" of six containers -- four sleeping containers, one breakfast/lounge container and another used as a sauna. 

In addition to its modern concept and design, Sleeping Around claims that only environmentally friendly materials were used to build the pop-up hotel. 

Sleeping Around at its current location in Antwerp. The mobile container hotel will be on the move again soon.Currently sitting in front of a pier in Antwerp, the hotel is looking for suggestions for its next location.

The site has to be at least 400 square meters with an amazing view, drinking water and electricity. 

Oh, and it has to be accessible to large trucks. 

Any suggestions? 

Check out Sleeping Around's current location via GPS here

Containers start at €149 (US$200); www.sleepingaround.eu

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