Bear Grylls stars in latest Air New Zealand safety video

Bear Grylls stars in latest Air New Zealand safety video

Another clever and funny video from the airline has survival guru tramping outdoors and eating the exit path lights

Hot on the heels of the smart “Hobbit” in-flight safety message, Air New Zealand has done it again with its latest video that cleverly combines safety with nature via survival guru Bear Grylls.

The new video, “Bear Essentials of Safety,” captures Grylls -- the famed British adventurer and host of “Man vs. Wild” -- delivering important safety messages while tracking the extinct flightless Moa bird in the South Island of New Zealand.

It took the film crew three days to film the somewhat lengthy four-and-a-half-minute video along the Routeburn Track, a 32-kilometer trail on the southern tip of the South Island.

As such, there are no actual shots of a plane interior. Rather plane seats and passengers appear at various stunning outdoor locations, as you can see in the video.

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Air New Zealand safety video Bear GryllsGrylls -- with a mandatory dirt-covered face -- takes the latest Air New Zealand safety video, and a weird fish in his backpack, into the wild

The video features Grylls being Grylls, stowing a fish in an overhead bin (a moss-covered hole in a rock), eating the exit path lighting (glow worms) and oxygen masks falling from a tree, which Grylls described as a could-be “portable loo.”

“Bear was the ideal partner to help us bring to life important on-board safety messages in a unique and compelling way, while at the same time demonstrating the best of what New Zealand has to offer,” says Mike Tod, Air New Zealand’s chief marketing and customer officer.

“We hope the global attention this safety video will receive generates more awareness of our amazing country and gets a few more bums on seats,” he says.

“The video builds perfectly off the back of the strong imagery generated globally by 'The Hobbit: An Unexpected Journey' and was worth the logistical challenges involved to create it.”

Air New Zealand safety video Bear GryllsThe Moa. The reference in the video to the extinct Kiwi bird may be lost on non-locals.

The video also has a cast of native New Zealand creatures including a Kea, a Tuatara, glow worms, a 'Moa' and Kiwi entomologist Ruud Kleinpaste, also known as the Bug Man.

Viewers who pay attention to the video and answer a simple question on this website will have a chance to win two tickets to New Zealand for a 10-day adventure trip that combines six items from the Great Kiwi Bucket List.

Air New Zealand safety video Bear GryllsSure beats looking at computer-generated images that a lot of other airlines use.

The "Bear Essentials of Safety" will be rolled out on-board all international and domestic flights from Wednesday.

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