Mathesis is the 'order' of the day

Mathesis is the 'order' of the day

Time, space and wholeness among the bits and pieces that make up the the latest work by Avantika Bawa
Avantika Bawa
Looking at life through gray cardboard boxes.

'Mathesis: Dub, dub, dub' the latest work by Atlanta and New Delhi-based artist Avantika Bawa opens for preview today at Gallery Maskara.

Avantika's unique installation addresses the architecture of the gallery itself, its history as a warehouse and the geography of its surrounding area -- the old streets of Colaba.

Her work, she says, "explores combinations of order and anti-monumentality, wholeness and fragmentation, containment and dispersal to create experiential spaces and interventions. 

This emerges due in part to my relationship to the legacy of Minimalism and its emphasis on reductive form, modularity and literal scale.

The serendipitous moments when these explorations collide and converse with one another, revealing the history of the time and space they occupy, has served as the fodder for this installation."

Gallery Maskara

'Warehouse on 3rd Pasta'
Colaba, Mumbai
Opens 3rd November 2009
6:30 pm- 9:30 pm
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