Zenzi Bandra's farewell festival

Zenzi Bandra's farewell festival

One of Mumbai's most indispensable bars is closing for good on October 9 and they're bringing down the roof with a series of parties
Zenzi Bandra
Loads of Bandra boys and girls are pasting this sticker on their Facebook walls this week.

No thanks to legal regulations and nearby residents, Zenzi bar is closing for good on October 9 and there's no farewell party for the #theplacethatstarteditall.

A single party couldn't do justice to what Zenzi means to Mumbai's indie creative arts culture, and as a neighborhood bar to those who call Bandra home.

So instead, a week-long farewell festival is underway -- of comedy, salsa, Open Mind nights of post-modern music, a reunion party and with all the DJs that defined its grimy sound coming together.  

On Saturday we went to see Charlie represent Bhavishyavani Future Sounds and Kris Correya represent Bay Beat Collective. 

Tonight's Improv Comedy Mumbai (October 4) is followed by Schitzengiggles stand-up comedy on October 5.

Thursday October 6 is Open Mind Night with Shaa'ir + Func's Monica Dogra + Listen up! with DJ Paperslut and guest.

Come Friday October 7 and it's the climactic Zenzi reunion party, followed by a dry day on Saturday (what would Mumbai be without one?) and the really popular Zenzi salsa night rounds the celebrations off.

Good bye Zenzi bar, you will be missed.

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183 Waterfield Road, Bandra (W); +91 (0)22 6643 0670; www.zenzi-india.com

Sita Wadhwani is CNNGo City Editor in Mumbai.


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