Volte crowns itself the new reigning art gallery in Mumbai

Volte crowns itself the new reigning art gallery in Mumbai

Doctor by training and patron of the arts "by accident", collector Deepika Sorabjee puts Tushar Jiwarajka's new art platform under the microscope on opening night
Volte in Mumbai
Volte's home is in the old Kamal Mansion in Colaba. (Image: "Sexysuperconsciousness", Qusai Kathawalas, Courtesy Volte)

Arriving as the newest gallery on the contemporary Indian art scene in Mumbai, Volte is not just a regeneration of space, but of ideas as well.

Tushar Jiwarajka, a young collector turned gallerist, is well travelled and of a generation that has been exposed early to art forms outside of the canvas. As a result, the art he showcases, he hopes, will explore the gray spaces and blurred lines between disciplines; new media and cinema, installation and architecture, performance and theater, pushing the viewer to shed complacency and embrace the new. With a cafe and an art bookshop off the rear end of the gallery, Tushar hopes to bring in people who would normally be intimidated to enter an art space.

Volte in Mumbai"Break", Mukul Deora, Courtesy Volte Opening night needed no such incentives as we drove up to the eastern end of Appollo Bunder Road to be greeted by police jeeps (all public art in India is mired in permissions and bureaucracy) and black attired helpers who ushered us onto buses which left at intervals for the performance venue down the street. Atmospherically lit and set in a disused mill, an abandoned Hindustan Contessa Classic car was set center stage for Mukul Deora's performance art. He and anyone present could have a go at the car with long handled heavy hammers. People stood around amused and unsure, a taxi perhaps would have been more persuasive.

Back at the gallery Tara Kelton was on hand to explain the mechanism of her video piece "Time Travel" executed using a video camera, firewire cable and laptop. A viewer could see the final projection -- approximately 1/10th of a second into the "future," we assume referring to the time it takes for the image to hit our eye.

Kiran Kaur Brar's intense performance piece "Regarding the Pain of Others" was being staged in a room but was intruded upon by the chatter of opening night. This piece really demands a return viewing in quietude. In a corner a red inflatable data sculpture driven by real time sexual activity on the internet, which grew as the number of hits increased, was Qusai Kathawalas installation "Sexysuperconsciousness".

Surrounded by new visual stimulus from home and abroad, with good coffee, amid art books, lies the promise of Volte and its first show, The Gallery is Dead, Long Live the Gallery.

getting there

2/19, Kamal Mansion, First Floor,
near Radio Club, above White Pearl Hotel,
Arthur Bunder Road, Colaba
tel +91 (0) 22 2204 1220

Having studied medicine at Bombay's oldest medical college, Deepika focuses on passions she could not study.
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