Chat online with India's coolest cricket journalist

Chat online with India's coolest cricket journalist

Prem Panicker has started a daily water cooler conversation with cricket fans online at Yahoo
Prem Panicker is a well known Indian cricket journalist and managing editor for Yahoo! India. His blog Smoke Signals has almost 600,000 hits (read: for a non-celebrity Indian blog that's very good). He's constantly talking to readers and fans on his blog and Twitter page, telling them if they've got any cricket issues they feel strongly about they should write in to at once.

In short, he's a good guy and a delight to talk to about cricket.

Now that the IPL has started, Panicker is pioneering a live cricket chat on Yahoo! Cricket called 'Yorker - The Daily Cricket Show' for an hour each weekday Monday-Friday, 3.30-4.30pm.

"First up, this is not an entirely IPL-centric exercise," says Panicker. "The idea is to have the show throughout the year, as a sort of daily water cooler conversation with cricket fans. Second, while I’ll be hosting most of the shows in the initial phase, the idea is to move over time to a model where there is a different host every day of the week -- picking the right hosts for each day is an exercise we are currently engaged in."

The link to the chat will appear on the Yahoo India home page and cricket page about 15 minutes before start, but you will also find it on both the Prem Panicker and the Yahoo News Twitter streams as well.


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