3 Mumbai adventure sports for the cowardly

3 Mumbai adventure sports for the cowardly

Inherent paradoxes notwithstanding, these Mumbai adventure sports opps will help even the most paranoid and panicky raise their arms in triumph
Mumbai adventure sports
Rappelling down a hill side in Karjat is easier than it looks. Or so they say.

Don’t have a suicidal attraction to danger? Not tantalized by a thousand feet of nothing beneath your feet? These Mumbai-area adventure sports opportunities will get you in the game.

1. Rappelling in Karjat

Mumbai adventure sportsNot everyone's cup of tea exactly. You: tied to a rope, descending a vertical rock face. And not vomiting and crying from fear and low self-esteem.

It’s possible in the hills of Maharashtra (90 minutes from Mumbai) with Jungle Lore, an outfitter whose emphasis on security and training makes mountain lions out of the meekest lambs. Monsoons are the best time to go, when you can rappel down waterfalls.

Testimonial from former coward: “It was very well organized, and there were other activities like archery and shooting.” Sumit Gambhir, restaurant owner

Cost: Rs 1,350 per person includes transportation and meals.

Jungle Lore, Kaustubh Upadhye, +91 99871 26233

2. Paragliding in the Western Ghats

Near Kamshet, the Western Ghats of Maharashtra are the setting for safe Icarian adventures. Strapped to an experienced instructor from Fly Nirvana, your primary job is to keep your lungs from flying out of your mouth while taking in spectacular aerial views.

Testimonial from former coward: “To know what if feels like to fly, you have to experience it. Paragliding is actually very relaxing and Flying Nirvana makes you feel really safe.” Dylan Fernandes, paragliding student

Cost: Courses range from three to five days and cost between Rs 14,500 and 98,500. Single joyrides are Rs 2,000. Prices do not include transportation.

Fly Nirvana, Astrid, +91 932370 8809, +91 (0) 22 2605 3724

3. Whitewater rafting on the Kundalika River

Mumbai adventure sportsThis rapid is more of a baby than you. You imagine careening down a river, freezing when you should be paddling, holding your breath for fear that the raft will flip upside down any second. That’s not what you get with Escapades India on the Kundalika River in Maharashtra, four and a half hours from Mumbai.

Even during monsoons, rapids on the river range from mere Class II to IV. The best time to go is between June and September, when the river is at its most powerful, the scenery green and beautiful.

Testimonial from former coward: “We felt safe rafting here. You get to ride the rapids for an hour or so and then body-surf or float down the gentler parts of Kundalika, which is quite an amazing experience.” Jai Punjani, businessman

Cost: Rs 2,000 to Rs 2,850 per person includes transportation and meals.

Escapades India, Parag Gandhi, +91 98 2027 7787

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