Would you look at this! Henna cupcakes

Would you look at this! Henna cupcakes

It's ingenious! White frosting, black icing and intricate henna designs on cupcakes -- for all your girlfriends on your wedding mehndi day
henna cupcakes
The Cupcakes & Co girls do custom desi designs on cupcakes.

Our ever hungry research has discovered something truly novel this week -- mehndi henna cupcakes.

I immediately called Namrata Narang and Sangeeta Kulkarni of Cupcakes & Co here in Mumbai and Namrata told me how they're "happy to customize cupcakes and give them an Indian touch otherwise what's the fun, they all look the same." 

henna cupcakes Auspiciously presented, cupcakes as a prayer offering? The gods may like. "For a client's mehndi celebration, as part of her wedding, we took coconuts which are considered to be auspicious, and beetle leaves and iced the cupcakes in orange to resemble marigold flowers, which are the traditional flower for most Indian weddings and religious ceremonies."

And the beautiful black and white henna cupcakes, I presumed were done by mehndi waalis, skilled henna artists who decorate the bride and her friends with mehndi during an Indian wedding, but the Cupcakes & Co girls did that themselves too.

They're full of ideas and initiative.

Call Cupcakes & Co at +91 99209 76000 to place your order.

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