Reggae Rajahs: India's first 'reggae sound system'

Reggae Rajahs: India's first 'reggae sound system'

Decked out in green, gold and red the Reggae Rajahs are taking over the sound system at Zenzi Mills tonight sending currents of "straight culture pon di nation"

"Politrix (Drum Song Riddim)" Audio Pervert mixes Delhi Sultanate, who is a friend of the Reggae Rajahs. Though this video was not recorded with or for the Rajahs, it's nice to see a new sound like Indian Dancehall and fresh messages from the political capital.

Mumbai knows how sorely we lack variety on the music front, and the place you feel it most is in the live domain where hard electronic music utterly dominates the stage.

Tonight's savior comes from Jamaica via New Delhi and go by the cultural compound Reggae Rajahs.

Coming together for their love of raggamuffin sounds in early 2009 in New Delhi, the Rajahs -- a collective of selektahs, deejays and promoters -- practiced playing roots reggae, ska, dub, lovers rock and dance hall at venues across their hometown. Their names are Mohammed ‘MoCity’ Abood, Raghav ‘Diggy’ Dang and Zorawar ‘Mr Herbalist’ Shukla.

India's only 'reggae sound system' make their first appearance in Mumbai city celebrating their one year anniversary. Big up. Liking the logo.

Tonight May 7, 9pm onwards, entry free. At Zenzi Mills, Todi Mills Compound, Tulsi Pipe Road, Lower Parel, Mumbai +91 (0) 22 4345 5455.

For original sounds, tune into Reggae Rajahs Vol.1 at Sound Cloud. For gig videos, the Reggae Rajahs YouTube channel.