Mumbai blog: Reporting from the front lines of urban culture

Mumbai blog: Reporting from the front lines of urban culture

Tired of the famous food columnist, the newspaper book critic or the uninspiring weekend paper? Turn to Mumbai's blogosphere for a refreshing mix of wit and worthiness

The Mumbai blog web is young. But the few people out there blogging really go for it. And rightly so. This is Mumbai -- the city of 'do something or be ignored.' 

A debate about Indian mainstream media vs voices from the Indian blogosphere is currently raging on prominant Indian journalist Vir Sanghvi's online column at the Hindustan Times. You get the sense that it's a first stab at coming to terms with the new dynamic between organized media and the anonymous 'others' demanding to be heard.

While they come to blows over politics, power and the role of the media, Mumbai's best blogs on urban culture featured in the list below, quietly thrive, because what they write about is part work, part worship and it goes down easy no matter where you're logging in from.

In other words whether it's food, literature, film or cataloging fun things to do in the city, these blogs stand out because they do three things: update with consistency, provide an extra level of professionalism or packaging and publish good information, opinion or perspective.  

Passion For Cinema

PFC, a cinema blog, is an elite community of screenwriters, bloggers and filmmakers who discuss, discover and promote cinema from India and around the world. All the coolest Mumbai directors make this their public vent forum, where they can express their considered opinion freely and in the correct context. PFC started India's first movie blogging trend too: reporting straight from the movie sets of Bollywood and Hindi cinema.

Shoot First, Mumble Later

Girish Shahane's acerbic arts and culture blog also hints at an inclination towards social activism and a shoot-from-the-hip political commentary as well as travel.

Miss Malini

A self-confessed party animal, a columnist for the popular MidDay newspaper, creative consultant at Channel [V]'s new website and self-proclaimed Mumbai "Gossip Girl", Malini's blog on Bollywood and the Mumbai party circuit has the kind of energy that both powers, and is powered by, this city.

Lulu Loves Bombay

Occupation 1: Working mom. Occupation 2: Brand Consulting. Occupation 3: Cooking. Occupation 4: Blogging about cooking. Though she is based in Mumbai, food fanatic Lulu has lived in Bangalore, San Francisco, New York and London. She has three kids. All girls. And a sweet tooth. So do they. In other words, when Lulu tells you Mad About Donuts at Breach Candy is worth going yourself. Take her word for it.

Brown Paper Bag

Cool hunters and secret scouts Kanika Parab and Mansi Poddar bring you candy-sized, illustrated newsbites of the coolest things to eat, shop and do in Mumbai. Here's them mapping Bandra (West) for CNNGo.

The Middle Stage

Chandrahas Choudhury is the weekly book critic of the Indian newspaper Mint Lounge and his writer's blog uncovers and analyses all that's worth reading (or not). He is also the editor of an upcoming collection of short stories titled "India: A Traveler's Literary Companion."

Digital Inspiration

An award winning Indian tech blog that helps you take maximum advantage of the software tools and web technologies at your disposal so that you spend more time doing things you really love.

India Uncut

Amit Varma is a novelist and blogger. He started the blog India Uncut in December 2004, which picked up the Best Indiblog award at the 2005 Indibloggies and was nominated in the 2008 Weblog Awards. He writes commentary on politics and economics, literature and media here, since he gave up being a freelance journalist in mainstream media in 2008 to turn his attention to his Mumbai blog. 

Mumbai Editor's Note: We missed something didn't we? I feel it. Drop the URL of your favorite Mumbai or India blog in the box below.