India's street doctors

India's street doctors

Special report: Doctors without offices tend to the needy on Indian roadsides
India's roadside doctors
Feeling sick? Perhaps you've broken a bone? Fear not, your local doctor is not just up the street -- he's on it!

In India, roads double as homes, washrooms, hotels, eateries, barber shops, kitchens and sites of almost any other service you can imagine.

Including doctor's office.

In this CNN report, yet another aspect of India's massive, unofficial economy that thrives on pavements and street corners is uncovered. Men and women, referred to as 'quacks,' practice any number of medical procedures on roadsides, providing traditional remedies for the poor.

This report follows a doctor in Delhi who runs his clinic like many others: on the road. He has no nurse, disinfectants, chair or table, but people with broken limbs, ruptured muscles, cervical pain and back problems line up to be treated by him.

While to most the idea of getting a dislocated shoulder reset by a street bone-fixer might sound as horrifying as having a plumber do the job, these informal 'appointments' have been a way of life for many Indians for centuries.

Once your body is fixed, why not visit a street dentist as reported here on CNNGo?