Freida Pinto = Bond girl? Not yet

Freida Pinto = Bond girl? Not yet

Before Pinto's spokesperson could reach the nearest keyboard, mainstream entertainment media around the world declared the 24-year-old Mumbai actress history's first desi Bond babe
Freida PintoDespite reports by the Indian Express and ELLE UK, Indian actress Freida Pinto is not the next Bond girl.

At least not yet.

"Actress Freida Pinto has denied that she was approached by director Sam Mendes to play the lead in his next Bond movie opposite Daniel Craig" confirms an NDTV report.

Freida's official spokesperson in a statement said, "I would like to confirm that as of today, Freida Pinto has not been approached to be part of the next Bond film. It is of course very flattering to even be rumoured to be part of a Bond film but she has certainly not been approached for the role of the next Bond girl opposite Daniel Craig," he said, adding a big,"as yet" to the end of the sentence.

If Pinto's streak of luck in life is anything to go by (Julian Schnabel's "Miral", Woody Allen's "You Will Meet A Tall Dark Stranger" and Tarsem Singh's "Dawn of War") then Bond girl Pinto is not unimaginable.

Mumbai comedian Rohan Joshi, siding with all the doubters of Pinto's pure talent, Twitters tongue-in-cheek, "for all those suggesting [Pinto's "Slumdog Millionaire" co-star] Anil Kapoor be Bond, it won't work. When you're that hairy, the only super-spy you can be is Cousin It."

The new James Bond movie number 23, is set to start shooting late summer in Buckinghamshire and Afghanistan.