Seeing through Elizabeth Hurley's attention-grabbing sari moment

Seeing through Elizabeth Hurley's attention-grabbing sari moment

To blouse or not to blouse? The ex-model's fashion flash brings up an age-old controversy
Elizabeth Hurley sari
Liz Hurley arrives with husband Arun Nayar at the Love Ball at The Roundhouse on February 23 in London, England.
Meet the Elizabeth Hurley sari -- sans blouse. It's tempting to term this a watershed moment in the evolution of the Indian drape if only boob display wasn't still considered lewd even by Western standards.

By contemporary Indian standards it's downright unthinkable. But it would seem, at the very least, Hurley has history on her side.

As far as the story of the choli, or cropped tight sari blouse goes, researchers insist "these were unknown before the British arrived in India, and that they were introduced to satisfy Victorian ideas of modesty... [while] other historians point to much textual and artistic evidence for various forms of breast band and upper-body shawl."

In any case, stepping out with Indian textile heir husband Arun Nayar, to the Naked Heart Foundation's charity Love Ball in London this week, the 44-year-old designer and mother of one gave women here a moment to hold their breath in wonder at her nerve.

Though leaving the event with a black catalog firmly clasped to her chest, it would appear the former model forgot what paparazzi flashes do to semi sheer fabrics.