YouTube Box Office: Google's new channel for Bollywood blockbusters

YouTube Box Office: Google's new channel for Bollywood blockbusters

Everybody wins: Viewers, advertisers, the film industry, YouTube and the anti-piracy lobby
YouTube Box Office
YouTube Box Office launches its new channel with the Bollywood hit "Band, Baaja, Baaraat," originally released in theaters December 2010.

"Long-form premium content like movies is emerging as a big category on YouTube and we are committed to bringing movies across all genres to our users,” said Gautam Anand, director of Google's content partnerships for the JAPAC region, a few months ago when Shemaroo launched its popular YouTube Bollywood movie channel.

Yesterday afternoon Google quietly announced on Twitter the launch of its own version, the YouTube Box Office.

With YouTube Box Office, viewers in India (only) can stream the latest Bollywood blockbusters for free in full HD (1080p).

This is a big deal. Both literally and metaphorically.

A note on demand -- a recent premiere of mega Bollywood hit "Dabangg" on another YouTube channel saw users in India clocking 1.3 million channel views.

A note on the revenue model. "The YouTube Box Office channel is sponsored by Intel and, unlike any other video on YouTube, these movies include 15-second video ads that play after every 10 minutes of the movie," reports tech blog Digital Inspiration. "Thus, a two-hour long movie ... can easily have 10-12 ad breaks and you cannot skip, pause or hide these ads. Good for advertisers and the viewers won’t necessarily mind these short ads."

Opening this channel is also an effective way to stem video piracy.

YouTube Box Office will add one new full-length blockbuster feature film a month and the channel catalogue currently contains more than 1,500 movie titles including regional language films.

Yes. It's time to get that unlimited download Internet plan.