'Angry Anna' gains a virtual victory

'Angry Anna' gains a virtual victory

Anna Hazare's anti-corruption movement inspires hit Internet game, modeled on "Angry Birds"
Angry Anna
More than 400,000 people have played "Angry Anna" since the game's launch.

Tired of bribes and corporate lobbying in India? Done marching in the streets? A new Internet game is providing a fresh outlet for your frustrations.

Three young web developers from New Delhi-based Geek Mentors Studio have created “Angry Anna," inspired by campaigner Anna Hazare's ongoing anti-corruption movement in India.

The game has won over thousands of supporters in the virtual world and even reached Twitter's top trends in India.

"Angry Anna" has been played more than 435,000 times and 5,000 fans liked the Facebook page in four days.

Based on the popular “Angry Birds” game, users can fight off corrupt politicians to reach higher levels.

India's slow response to tackling corruption in reality gives "Angry Anna" players a feeling of getting their own back.

Angry AnnaLevel 2 of "Angry Anna"; knocking down the politicians.

“Enough protests and rallies are going on in India, but there are millions of people like us who couldn’t get out of the office long enough to lend their support to Anna," said 28-year-old Mohd Shah Nawaz, a co-founder of "Angry Anna."

Nawaz and his colleagues Mohammad Faisal and Himanshu Bisht worked non-stop for three days to build the game.

“It feels really great -- people are calling us and sending emails from all over India," said Nawaz.

"We’ve also had a very good response from America and an Austin-based company called GameSalad which also hosts "Angry Anna" on its website.

“I just added three more levels to the game and a victory in the final level in which Anna Hazare breaks his fast."

The team decided to display a victory message at the end of the game too, quoting Shekar Kapoor.

It reads: "A revolution dies without momentum. Inertia sets in. Corruption will swallow us again if we are not vigilant."

However, some users complain of time lags when playing "Angry Anna". The game can only run on HTML5 browsers -- Nawaz advises users to check their browser's compatibility on the HTML5 test website.

Angry AnnaThe updated level 6 of "Angry Anna"; Prime Minister Manmohan Singh wears his trademark blue turban.