PETA woos Kingfisher Airlines with sex

PETA woos Kingfisher Airlines with sex

The animal rights group offers a win-win-win situation for the troubled airline, animals and Indian men
Kingfisher Airlines
The two Vs to battle impotence: Viagra and veganism.

People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals (PETA) India has reached out to cash-strapped Kingfisher Airlines with a mutually beneficial plan.

"Kingfisher’s tag line is 'Fly the good times," says Poorva Joshipura, chief functionary at PETA India. "But diets heavy in meat and dairy products can lead to bad times in the bedroom."

Get it? That's why PETA has offered to purchase ad space on the side of Kingfisher's aircraft for a pro-vegan ad.

A letter was sent on April 30 to Kingfisher Airlines chairman Vijay Mallya, with this proposal for helping the carrier return to financial solvency. Mallya has yet to respond to PETA's offer.

India was recently called "the impotence capital of the world" by Dr Sudhakar Krishnamurti. The expert on sexual health says impotence affects over 50 percent of males in India above the age of 40 and that the major causes are heart disease, hypertension, excessive smoking and drinking.

PETA believes a vegan diet will lead to better overall health and thus improved sexual performance.

According to the animal rights group, 20-42 percent of the population of India practices some form of vegetarianism.

Meanwhile, Kingfisher Airlines has considerable financial health issues of its own. The carrier has a debt burden of Rs 7,057.08 crore (US$1.4 billion) and owes sections of its staff four months of salary. The airline has completely withdrawn from its overseas operations.

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