NH7: An Autobahn for Indian indie music

NH7: An Autobahn for Indian indie music

"Brutally honest, unpatronizing and appropriately poetic" is how NH7's editors describe India's first music daily, named after a highway
NH7 website
Online with a vengeance -- 30 music stories a week include news, gig, album and track reviews, interviews and features.

NH7 is the longest national highway in India but as of this month also a brand new online music platform from Mumbai with everything that's going on in the Indian indie music scene.

NH7.in plans to trash mainstream newspaper music stories and write "alternative reports" instead, they want to give you gossip on brand breaks up as well as a nationwide event/gig update info.

If you've read Indiecision.com, they're now NH7's voice, currently the only daily (five days a week) updated national music publication in the country (previously Indiecision only covered Mumbai, New Delhi and Bangalore).

I talk to Arjun S Ravi, editor of Indiecision (who wrote CNNGo's 'Indie rock in Mumbai: A decade in review' earlier this year) about his slick-looking new virtual publication.

"While the face of Indiecision has changed," he says, "its soul is still the same -- brutally honest, unpatronizing and appropriately poetic. The new look is issue based, so we treat every Indiecision homepage as a single issue of the magazine. And it changes every day, five days a week with new articles, features and reviews of bands from Indian and around the world. So Monday to Friday, readers get five new issues of the magazine."

Ravi also points out that you can personalize your gig calender via Facebook and stream music from Indian bands on the site, for free, with NH7 Radio. 

Ravi doesn't tell me this but I also hear they're going to hold an NH7 music festival event this December in Pune modelled around bigger music festivals in Europe with about 65 acts, five stages and some 5,000 tickets.

That's all very nice but doesn't solve the problem of what I'm supposed to do tonight.

Ravi recommends coming to Hard Rock Cafe at 9pm. "There's this beatboxer Shlomo who's playing there. He's one of the biggest beatboxers in the world and he's collaborating with a few Indian artists. It should be pretty good. Plus, HRC makes a sweet Appletini."

Sita Wadhwani is CNNGo City Editor in Mumbai.


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