Fly beneath the sky with Jet Airways' new B737-800

Fly beneath the sky with Jet Airways' new B737-800

Blue skies and sunsets make for a new kind of ride inside the latest Boeing 737
Jet Airways Boeing 737-800
LED lighting effects a sky-like visual experience. More overhead storage facilities and better speakers for in-flight entertainment have also been installed in the Boeing 737-800.

Jet Airways is set to take delivery of 11 brand-new Boeing 737-800s fitted with sky-like interiors.

The new aircraft, which burn one percent less fuel than older models, will bring Jet Airways' fleet to 107.

Aboard the B737-800s, travelers can experience different light-emitting diode (LED) color schemes for soft blue skies and brighter sunsets, with the ceiling's shape, color and texture are all matched to a sky feeling.

The aircraft also gives travelers a more open and spacious seating experience with its curved cabin, coved lighting and oversized windows.

"The Boeing 737 has been an essential part of our product offering in the past", said Sudheer Raghavan, Jet Airways chief commercial officer.

"Jet Airways selected the next generation state-of-the art Boeing 737-800 aircraft because of its high degree of operational flexibility and economy."

The airline which flies to 75 destinations including cities in India, the Middle East, Europe and North America, has one of the youngest aircraft fleets in the world.

Jet Airways expects to take delivery of the 11 new aircraft between next month and March 2013.

Two will feature 16 premier and 138 economy class seats, while the remaining nine will have eight premier and 162 economy class seats.

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