No pay, no fly: Air India cabin crew disrupt international flights

No pay, no fly: Air India cabin crew disrupt international flights

More cabin crew refuse to fly international, causing serious delays
Air India
The so-called "Maharajah of the Skies" once enjoyed a dominant position in Indian airspace. But India's flagship carrier has faced numerous problems in recent years.

Since Tuesday, as many as 269 Air India flight attendants have refused to report for work, delaying four international flights from New Delhi.

Passengers bound for Paris, Chicago, Newark and Riyadh were kept waiting for up to three hours.

Air India is suffering financial difficulties, and cabin crew are protesting non-payment of salaries and "sustenance allowance" paid in foreign exchange for meals, transportation and incidental expenses when they are on a layover abroad.

"What we have been saying is that we won't operate flights to destinations which involve layovers as we will have to spend from our pockets and that is difficult when we have not received salaries for two months," an attendant told one newspaper.

A member of the All-India Cabin Crew Association refused to comment on what steps the airline was taking to quell the protest, according to news reports.


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