How fake train tickets are made in India

How fake train tickets are made in India

Massive train ticket theft discovered in Mumbai as peak holiday season begins
A tourist shows her ticket to an Indian Railway official. Is my ticket fake? Who knows?

Mumbai police are hunting thieves who made off with 60 rolls of tickets from the Western Railways depot in Mahalaxmi last weekend.

The paper rolls are enough to print 12,000 long-distance train tickets with phony Passenger Name Record numbers and waitlist data.

There are a few ways this could play out on an unsuspecting passenger, especially one who is making a booking from an Indian city outside Mumbai.

While a police case has been filed, serial numbers of the 60 rolls have been locked and ticket-checkers have been put on alert. Senior officials say it is completely possible the stolen rolls could be used much later, once news of the theft dies down.

“Anyway, ticket-checking staff cannot be expected to learn by rote the serial numbers of all stolen tickets," a railway official told Mumbai Mirror.

Well, that's doubly encouraging then.

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