Bizarre poses in 2011 Kingfisher Swimsuit Calendar

Bizarre poses in 2011 Kingfisher Swimsuit Calendar

The nominations for most awkward contortion in a swimsuit are ...

For exotic landscape (bikini) enthusiasts worldwide, December's release of India's much anticipated 2011 Kingfisher Calendar serves up a blend of beautiful women (Indian and otherwise), minimal fashion, east coast Mauritian beaches and, for lack of a better term, yoga-inspired poses.

The shots, by ace Indian photographer Atul Kasbekar, were spicier than a serving of Tandoori chicken breast and funkier than a side of downward-facing dog.

The nominations for weirdest swimsuit pose are:

That is either some seriously hot sand, or the chiropractor’s union sponsored the month of May.

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Ah yes, the ol’ one-armed-push-up-while-fixing-your-hair move. You show off.

Again? Charlotte Lohmann! Straighten that back, soldier! It's only June!

You might think holding your leg at that angle while driving a stiletto into your thigh would be strenuous, but luckily that necklace doubles as a counterweight.

During one of their shoots, the photographer came across this native species known as "Angela Jonsson" performing a traditional dance in the bushes.

Anjali Lavania's pose may look painful and a bit manly, but that moss actually doubles as an eco-friendly shag carpet.


Lisa Haydon tries to get a better cellphone reception on York beach.

Fiona Thomas could perhaps fake being Indian, but yoga students would call her out on this Octopussy 'asana' for April.