Naturally Yours: Organic deliveries to your door

Naturally Yours: Organic deliveries to your door

During monsoon subzi wallas go AWOL and evening trips to the slushy vegetable market are not appealing, so an expat housewife has learned how to get organic fruit and vegetables delivered to the door

She gave her business suits to charity, quit her accounting job in Melbourne, moved to Mumbai, married an Indian guy, became a white Indian housewife, and started writing a blog called "Diary of a White Indian Housewife".

And lucky for us she did, or we may not have known where to get our organic fruit and veg delivery from during monsoon.

whiteindianhousewife.comWe noted Bandra's Farmer's Market when it launched, but blogger Sharell informs us that it closes during the rains and that she's found a solution.

"I'm pleased to say that I’ve found a store that delivers organic fruit and vegetables for free, all over Mumbai, every week! The store is called Naturally Yours, and it’s located near the railway station in Chembur East. It’s only a small shop, and they offer a very personalized service. Last Friday, a shop assistant phoned me to tell me what produce was available, and to take my order. Today, it was delivered to my kitchen. It was bliss to bite into a tasty, fresh, organic carrot."

Sharell bought two kilograms of potato, one kilogram of onions, one dozen bananas, half a kilogram of cucumbers, half a kilo of carrots, two cabbages, and a bunch of lemongrass for under Rs 200.

For details on how to order at Naturally Yours, visit Sharell's blog post.


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