Hari Bhari Tokri: A scheme for good greens

Hari Bhari Tokri: A scheme for good greens

A Mumbai association has made it so that you, the trendy green consumer can partner with a local farmer to get your season's supply of crunchy, organic vegetables
Hari Bhari Tokri
I scheme, you scheme, we all scheme for good greens.
This March Mumbai's first organic Farmers Market launched. It was very cute but if you weren't there before 11am on the Sunday that little patch in Bandra would be wiped out. Think about that, 11am on a Sunday. There would be folks driving up from town. That's how important fresh organic food is becoming to Mumbai. And that's also how serious the imbalance is on the supply front. There's just not enough access to the good greens.

MOFCA, the Mumbai Organic Farmers and Consumers Association, has been scheming to change that lately. Hari Bhari Tokri, or the blossoming green basket scheme is your weekly supply of fresh produce sourced straight from organic farms within a 200 km radius of the city.

You become partners with a farmer for one growing season which is three to four months and register now, 45 days in advance, so that the farmers can plant precisely what you want.

By having a predetermined number of consumers to grow for, partnered farmers will be able to better plan their growing cycle and as a "partnering consumer", you are assured of quality and, without intermediaries, reasonable, predetermined prices too, not subject to economic fluctuations or false scarcities.

Each tokri basket will have between four and six different vegetables including at least one leafy vegetable and between three and five other vegetables (beans, gourds, fruit vegetables, depending on their size).

By getting cozy with the farmers you know exactly how and who is growing the food your family eats, and that's quite a nice feeling -- a first for many Mumbaikers.

For more details contact Ubai Hussein at tel. +91 99304 48204. To register, download the form and email it to mofca.consumers@gmail.com by September 15.

You will be requested to select your preferred tokri size for the entire season. Small = total 1.5 kg, minimum 250gm of each vegetable. Medium = total 3 kg, minimum 500gm of each vegetable. Tokri costs for the winter season will be Rs 100 small tokri and Rs 200 medium tokri. Winter is November to January. Pick up points are Fort, Peddar Road, Bandra (W), Andheri (W), Vile Parle (E) and Chembur.

Sita Wadhwani is CNNGo City Editor in Mumbai.


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