Bonobo terrace bar: This monkey shines!

Bonobo terrace bar: This monkey shines!

More of a weekday drinking hole, try Bonobo if you intend to leave with the people you came with
Kenilworth Phase 2, 2nd floor, off Linking Road, behind KFC +91 (0) 22 26055050
Evenings: 7:30pm-1:00am, Sunday Brunch (once a month): 12:00-4:00pm
Payment Methods:
Finally, a bar that let's you do the work for them.

With its simian motif, larger-than-life toadstool canopies, open-air terrace bar and surprisingly reasonable prices, Bonobo has been getting great word-of-mouth publicity from the otherwise blasé Bandra party go-er.

An interactive bar menu with a large DIY cocktail section can keep you pleasantly occupied while you wait for a table. In other words, make a reservation next time.

The crowd here is mixed with families seated beside suits and serious revelers. The open-air terrace is welcoming all year round, except during mosquito season. And the music is just loud and just catchy enough to salvage the worst hair/fur day.

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