Digestif paan shot at Punjab Grill

Digestif paan shot at Punjab Grill

The betel leaf discovered in a new avatar -- as an after-mint drink at a North Indian restaurant in Mumbai
Punjab Grill paan shot
"It's child-friendly too," Kalra said. "You'd never see a kid eating a paan otherwise. Plus this way you see less paan spitting on the roads."

After a rich meal of kebabs, dal and Tandoori grills diners often want to pop outside for a digestive paan, an after-mint. They chew the nutmeg and fennel seed mix wrapped in betel leaf, all the way back home.

At Punjab Grill by Jiggs Kalra, one of Mumbai's best North Indian restaurants, I discover my first post-modern paan -- blended in its entirety with milk and poured into a shot glass.

Punjab Grill's paan shot is a digestif drink, invented by a young bartender for the restaurant's launch three years ago and provided free after every meal.

There's another version spiked with vodka (Rs 425).

"It's an end-of-the meal suprise," said Zorawar, son of owner/chef Jiggs Kalra. "A lot of people don't order dessert after a heavy meal, so it's our version of a sweet send-off."

"I've seen one guy do eight or nine paan shots at a go."

The vodka one?

"No. The plain one," said Kalra. "People love it."

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Opening July 8 at Marina Bay Sands, Singapore too.

Sita Wadhwani is CNNGo City Editor in Mumbai.


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