Michelin docks stars but Tokyo still wears crown

Michelin docks stars but Tokyo still wears crown

According to the latest Michelin guide, Tokyo and its neighboring area are still the best food destination
Tokyo, the shiniest Michelin city on earth.

Tokyo is once again named the world’s gourmet capital, according to the latest "Michelin Guide: Tokyo Yokohama Shonan 2013".

Ditching two three-star restaurants to 15 only in the 2013 guide, Tokyo (including one in Shonan) still snatched more stars than any other places in the world, including another Japanese star-packed regions Kyoto Osaka Kobe Nara (12) and New York City (7).

Guide for Paris 2013 will only be announced earlier next year. Currently, Paris has 10 three-star establishments.

Tokyo's guide will only be available in Japanese this year. Among the 15 best-rated restaurants in Tokyo, Joël Robuchon and Quintessence are the only non-Japanese restaurants that were haloed with three stars.

The Japanese capital has surpassed Paris as the city with the most Michelin-star rated restaurants since 2010.

It will not be surprising for the distinctive advantage to continue this year. Tokyo has 286 starred restaurants, four times the number of Paris (77) now.

The latest list also featured 22 new restaurants, including six new two-star restaurants and 16 one-star establishments.

The third star from Araki and Hamadaya were taken away whereas Jushu Japanese restaurant and French restaurant Ryuzu were promoted to two-star from one-star.

In addition to the current three guides for Japan -- "Michelin Guide: Tokyo Yokohama Shonan," "Michelin Guide: Kyoto Osaka Kobe Nara" and the first Hokkaido guide published this year, the publisher will release a new guidebook next year for Hiroshima Prefecture, according to Japan Times.

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Restaurants with three stars:

Azabu Yukimura (Japanese)
Esaki (Japanese)
Ishikawa (Japanese)
Joël Robuchon (French)
Kanda (Japanese)
Koan (Japanese)
Koju (Japanese)
Quintessence (French)
Ryugin (Japanese)
7chome Kyoboshi (Japanese)
Sukiyabashi Jiro Honten (Japanese)
Sushi Mizutani (Japanese)
Sushi Saito (Japanese)
Sushi Yoshitake (Japanese)
Usukifugu Yamadaya (Japanese)

The Japanese version of the guide is available in store from December 1 onwards.

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