Japan Airlines serves in-flight KFC for the holidays

Japan Airlines serves in-flight KFC for the holidays

Airline chooses KFC meal set for its massive popularity and "festive cheer"
The colonel flies high in Japan.

There's something about air travel that makes people do the oddest things

But it also has the effect of making something super-ordinary seem delightfully unusual. 

Like the news that an airline will begin serving KFC on flights. 

Beginning December 1, Japan Airlines will begin serving boxed KFC meals on long-haul flights to the United States and Europe. The meal includes two pieces of fried chicken, "flat bread" and coleslaw. 

The idea is linked to KFC's massive popularity as a holiday food in Japan, largely due to a successful Christmas marketing campaign that started in the 1970s. 

The lines at KFC stores in Japan during Christmas can get extraordinarily long. 

"We wanted to recreate the festive cheer onboard," said a Japan Airlines spokesperson.

The KFC partnership is the seventh in the airline's "Air Series" in-flight meal partnerships with popular restaurants in Japan. Past "Air Series" meals have included MOS burgers, Yoshinoya beef bowls and Edosei pork buns. 

The KFC menu will be served in economy and premium economy classes until February 28. 

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In-flight KFC meal for Japan Airlines. In Japan, KFC has been associated with Christmas since the 1970s.  

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