Playboy Club refused entry in India

Playboy Club refused entry in India

The exotic club tries to get in disguised as a "beach shack" -- sharp-eyed politicians shake heads, fold arms

playboy in indiaAll six bunnies at the first Playboy Club in India will be foreign women. The launch of Playboy Club in India has hit another hurdle and will be delayed, local media has reported.

Goa's chief minister Manohar Parrikar said the club had failed its application to open in the west coast state as a "beach shack," according to the Times of India.

"The Playboy Club's application for setting up the facility in beach shack would be rejected as shack licences are usually given to individuals and not to the companies," Parrikar told the state Assembly, according to

No word yet on whether thousands of imminent "business trips" to Goa have been canceled after the news.

It's possible, however, that the club simply needs to reapply as a city club rather than a beach shack.

The launch of the Playboy Club in Goa has been a roller coaster of anticipatory highs followed by disappointing lows.

In November last year, PB Lifestyle, the Indian franchisee, announced plans for a December 2012 opening along Candolim Beach in Goa, followed by 120 other clubs, hotels and cafes around the country.

Then the venture was accused of promoting vulgarity. One politican threatened to go on hunger strike if the plan was rubber stamped.

In deference to the controversy, a customized design for the Indian bunny uniform was revealed. 

Playboy founder Hugh Hefner made the final decision on the design, reported the Times of India, created by U.S.-based designer Mohini Tadikonda with long drapes of chiffon to the bottom half, while the upper half -- the satin bustier -- remained tight and revealing. 

Then the initial opening was delayed.

Now the same technicalities threaten to derail the project once again.

India is a conservative society where kissing in public is considered taboo -- Playboy magazine and similar publications are banned throughout the country. 

"We are clear about one thing: There will absolutely be no nudity. The bunnies will be suited to Indian sensibilities and moral values," Sanjay Gupta, CEO of PB Lifestyle, said in an India Times article. 

Previously, local press reported that six hired bunnies -- all foreign women -- had arrived in India to undergo "a rigorous four-week service training program conducted by the U.S.-based parent company" to prepare for the leporine role. 

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The club, said to be 2,043 square meters in area, will be the first beach location for the club globally if it finally does open.

Further plans already announced for the brand in India have included a second Playboy Club in Hyderabad, as well as hotels and cafes. 

The California-based adult entertainment brand operates more than 40 Playboy Clubs worldwide.

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