How Google Glass wants to change the world for travelers

How Google Glass wants to change the world for travelers

Google has released new details on its high-tech Glass product, blending reality with sci-fi. Pretty nifty, if you've got US$1,500 spare

"OK Glass, make a video." Not as crazy as it sounds.

Google has finally released details of its much-anticipated futuristic Google Glass, including new video and photos detailing the actual real world uses beyond the goofy glasses that we’ve seen Sergey Brin use in the wild.

And you can now order it if you’re a hardcore fan, using some complicated Google+ and Twitter hashtag maneuvers, making shorts video, posting pictures and if selected, then having US$1500 change for the chance to buy it.

Google's Sergey Brin models the glasses that could change perception as we know it. The uses seem pretty simple, and seem to compress all of our digital gadget and communication needs into one device, this glass. And since it was first announced, there have been some changes in scope and UI, as Techcrunch notes:

"The UI shown in the video is radically more subdued than in the original concept video. Gone are the little circles and VH1 Pop-Up Video-ish notifications. Instead, users interact with Google Glass through a single pane in the top right. Everything from Google searches to notifications to hangouts seemingly happen in this one space -- rather than dancing around the field of vision like in earlier Google Glass videos."

Some uses, most of them applicable in travel, in the complete video above.

Story from Rafat Ali, at Skift.

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