Best charter flight: Hong Kong to Palau

Best charter flight: Hong Kong to Palau

A one-off offer from United Airlines, this non-stop flight to Palau is a hot Lunar New Year vacation deal

Palau Hong Kong direct flightPalau: pristine, marine and now just four hours away.

Four vacation packages take passengers non-stop from Hong Kong to Palau and back this month.

The charter flights on board a Boeing 737-800 are a collaboration between United Airlines (UA) and Hong Kong travel agency Wanderlust Vacations.

Normally, travelers from Hong Kong have to transfer in Manila before reaching the small island nation of Palau located 800 kilometers east of the Philippines. The UA charter flight makes the non-stop trip in just four hours.

The archipelago enjoys a tropical climate all year round and is famed for great diving and snorkeling. It is a leader for marine conservation and recently banned shark fishing.

Palau's most popular activities include snorkeling in Jellyfish Lake with hundreds of stingless jellyfish and swimming with dolphins at Dolphin Bay.

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At present, the only flights remaining depart Hong Kong on January 19 and return from Palau on January 24.

The six-day Palau package starts at HK$7,299, excluding tax, and covers round-trip air tickets and hotel accommodation.

Individuals traveling alone can opt to share a room with another traveller, or pay an extra fee to have a room to themselves. 

Wanderlust Vacations, +852 2868 2268/ 2899 2622 

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