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Doling out gratuities can be a minefield. Here's your free guide to keeping everyone happy (service charge not included)


Asia's 50 best restaurants 2015
Victory for Indian chef's eatery in Bangkok marks second year of success for Thai capital in San Pellegrino Asia's 50 Best Restaurant Awards Hong Kong launches Groupons for Asia Hong Kong launches Groupons for Asia

Group buying will hit Hong Kong, Singapore and Taipei on June 28 with
Hong Kong Groupon
New deals everyday through group buying.

Group buying is already a huge hit in the States with popular sites like Groupons, and soon we'll have the deal-a-day tool in Asia with Hong Kong-based site

The perfect marriage of wisdom-of-the-crowds and bargain-hunting, "group buying" is where products are on offer at a discount, but only if there are enough confirmed customers.

If we register on, we'll receive notification of promotions -- say, HK$100 haircut at Toni & Guy -- but we will have to get a certain number of people interested and confirmed for the haircut -- for example, 20 people -- in order for the deal to go through.

So off we go Facebooking our friends to join the deal and they might talk to their friends... interest in the promotion grows exponentially and so do sales for Toni & Guy.

The Hong Kong based ubuyibuy will launch on June 28 with plans for expansion to all of Asia's major cities, including Hong Kong, Singapore, Taipei, Shanghai, Beijing, Guangzhou, Tokyo, and Seoul.

Fittingly, they've recruited a pan-Asian crew of celebs for their webcast promotional video.

We've only been able to watch the first episode, but from what we gather, we think it's about a Brother Sharp lookalike pauper (Van Ness Wu) who hopes to woo his dream girl (Race Wong) with romantic dinners and gifts purchased through ubuyibuy discounts., ubuyibuy Facebook page

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