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White Noise Records: Indie music hideout

White Noise Records: Indie music hideout

Fall into a glorious heap of indie records at this walk-up store
Room 1901, 19F, Workingview Commercial Building, 21 Yiu Wa Street Causeway Bay +852 2591 0499
Monday-Friday 1-9pm; Saturday-Sunday 2-9pm
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White Noise Records

Breaking out of our pop-music comfort zone, we jumped into White Noise Records for a freefall into an unfamiliar world of obscure and experimental music.

Three music lovers united by their favorite band, White Noise, started the store and committed themselves to bringing the sounds of international artists to Hong Kong. The indie outpost is located in an old walk-up with a typical, unassuming dark stairwell for an entrance. Music junkies squeeze past the jewelry sellers at the staircase landing, checking out the skillful graffiti by local artists such as Graphic Airlines, Start from zero and KS before they reach White Noise Records.

Inside White Noise Records, shelves are lined with CDs and vinyl of post-rock, underground Japanese, freak folk, and noise music amongst other genres. Music geeks browse earnestly and emo types mill around the shoe gazer section. Pick a CD, kick back on their little couch for a trial listen and succumb to the anti-pop revolution.