Welcome back, Shanghai Tang! Hong Kong flagship biggest in the world

Welcome back, Shanghai Tang! Hong Kong flagship biggest in the world

After a short hiatus, Shanghai Tang returns with a vengeance, unveiling a 'mansion' on Duddell Street

Shanghai Tang Hong KongDuddell Street no longer needs street lamps now that Shanghai Tang Mansion is open.

Hong Kong's Shanghai Tang was kicked out of its Pedder Building home of 17 years last November when Abercrombie & Fitch won the bid for the lease at HK$7 million.

But they got the last laugh in the face of Hong Kong's property bubble. Shanghai Tang are now back with a fierce three-story monument to Chinese chicdom on Duddell Street, just a stone's throw from their old digs.   

Dubbed the Shanghai Tang Mansion, the nearly 1,400-square-meter flagship store is the largest branch of Shanghai Tang in the world.

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Shanghai Tang Hong KongThe fragrance bar in Chinese cloud motifs, offers you"scents from heaven."

Compared to the former more subtle location, the Duddell flagship store is a giant eye-catching light box.

And it is no less statement-making inside. A contemporary design with Chinese motifs were executed by a Shanghai-based design firm Design MVW.

Shanghai Tang Hong KongWomen's wear section with peony brass-inlayed wooden floor.

Shanghai Tang Hong KongMen's wear section: If you want to know what a "shou" symbol looks like, there it is on the floor.

Chinese symbols treasurehunt

Chinese motifs are everywhere in Shanghai Tang Mansion. The more obvious ones are the fragance bar shaped like traditional Chinese garden windows and the handcrafted wallpaper with Chinese paintings.

Squint a little and you'll see the four-tier crystal chandelier is shaped like the auspicious Chinese character "shou" meaning "longevity."

The partition walls in the children's wear section resemble an antique Chinese vase; the curved ceiling in the polo section is meant to look like a Mongolian yurt.

Shanghai Tang Hong KongStaircase design in the shop is inspired by the old shop in Pedder Street.
Besides ready-to-wear, there are sections dedicated to custom-made clothes, the new polo collection, a fragance bar and homewares area.

The Shanghai Tang Mansion, 1 Duddell St., Central, +852 2525 7333, www.shanghaitang.com