15 rapid-fire questions with Phillip Lim

15 rapid-fire questions with Phillip Lim

His proudest moment, his latest obsession and other revealing bullet points from designer Philip Lim, in town as part of his whistle-stop tour of China

CNNGo: Do you think being Chinese has influenced your designs, and the way your business is run?

Philip Lim:  I believe my cultural heritage certainly plays a part in how I work. It is only natural. I grew up in California so at the same time, I am also influenced by things and people around me.

Life experience as a whole, biographically reflects in your creative work, even if it is not in an obvious way.

CNNGo: Fashion advice for Chinese women and men?

Lim: My advice is to try not to ask for too much advice, the best style comes from within. It has to feel right so just follow your instinct.

CNNGo: Have you been shopping in Hong Kong yet?

Lim: I visited Lane Crawford and Joyce, of course. I also visited Celine, Hermes and Maison Martin Margiela with my business partner, Wen Zhou.

CNNGo: Views on fast fashion.

Lim: Simple. But it’s not for everyone.

CNNGo: Views on fashion bloggers.

Lim: I like the idea of an authentic point of view, I hope it stays this way.

CNNGo: Good taste is __________.

Lim: Not knowing and realizing it is.

CNNGo: Who is the most stylish person you’ve ever met?

Lim: There are simply too many to mention. My father was certainly high up on the list, he had a very specific style.

CNNGo: Your favorite runway show, and your least favorite?

Lim: I cannot give you an answer on that. That would be as if you are asking me to choose my favourite child!

CNNGo: Who do you want design a dress for most?

Lim: Gong Li, the Chinese actress.

CNNGo: What’s your proudest career moment?

Lim: My Beijing show at the Dong Bian Men Watchtower was a real highlight.

CNNGo: What’s your favorite memory?

Lim: When I was seven or eight, I used to sleep fully clothed so I am ready for the next day. Youth has such an irreplaceable innocence.

CNNGo: Latest obsession?

Lim: Finding a way to have some real time off!

CNNGo: What’s your pet peeve?

Lim: Rudeness.

CNNGo: You have a weakness for __________.

Lim: Oliver, my dog.

CNNGo: Name a fashion abomination.

Lim: Over accessorizing.


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