How to win at Rock-Paper-Scissors

How to win at Rock-Paper-Scissors

Forget about winning a paper airplane contest and become a world champion of Rock-Paper-Scissors instead
rock paper scissors
May the best hand gesture win.

Rock-Paper-Scissors is a serious game. If you have any doubt at all, ask World Rock Paper Scissors Society chairman Douglas Walker. Yes, there is a society for it.

Winning at Rock-Paper-Scissors is not about luck, says Walker -- it's about strategy.

To excel at the game, players must calculate probability, grasp the psychology of opponents and have good acting skills, even a slight gesture or smile can throw off an opponent. As soon as players put out one hand signal, they immediately have to reorganize their strategy for the next round. Sounds exhausting really.

For the deprived young souls who were born into the digital age without such retro fancies as playing a console-free hand game, it might be useful to check out the basic rules to Rock-Paper-Scissors before attending the championships. 

The Asian leg of this year's championships will be held between October 18 and November 11 at Shatin New Town Plaza. The winner will attend the world championships held in Canada next month. Sign up for the competition on Shatin New Town Plaza's Facebook page or download the application form (Chinese only). Participation is free and parent-child teams are allowed.