World's first airport IMAX cinema coming to Hong Kong

World's first airport IMAX cinema coming to Hong Kong

It's going to be the biggest in the city, but can UA fill all 358 seats?
First airport IMAX cinema
Yet another attempt to turn passengers into movie-goers at Hong Kong International Airport.

Dull layovers at Hong Kong International (HKIA) will be a thing of the past once the world's first airport IMAX cinema opens.

Due to welcome its first customers before the end of June, the new IMAX cinema from Hong Kong cinema chain, UA Cinemas, will replace the 4D Extreme Screen in terminal two.

The IMAX cinema will boast a giant screen -- 13.8 meters high and 22.4 meters wide -- and 358 seats, making it the largest of Hong Kong's three IMAX theaters.

Hong Kong residents and visitors are able to access the cinema, as it is landside at the airport.

The cinema will show both 2D and 3D movies, mainly Hollywood blockbusters and edutainment films. Tickets are likely to cost HK$150, the same as other IMAX cinemas. 

The former 4D cinema, which opened in 2005, closed earlier this year at the same time as the UA cinema in Hong Kong's Times Square shopping mall closed its doors. 

However, a UA Cinemas representative claimed the UA IMAX will be a different story, saying the market for IMAX cinema is more mature in Hong Kong, and adding that it is easier to source IMAX movies than 4D movies.

Pulling in movie-goers will be another concern.

Previously, HKIA promoted a "Sky-Ride & Game Pass" -- a 4D movie, meal at an airport restaurant and round-trip on the cable car for just HK$169. UA Cinemas hopes to introduce a similar package once the IMAX opens.


Hiufu Wong is CNN Travel's staff writer.

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