What's that sound? LMF

What's that sound? LMF

Hong Kong's "swear-word band" is getting back together for their The Wild Lazy Tour reunion
Hong Kong music LMF
The 10-man band, LMF.

The LMF reunion tour -- it is quite possible that the entire age group of late 30s to early 40s males in Hong Kong are waiting for the LMF reunion.

The group disbanded in 2003 and their profanity-laden Canto hip hop has been sorely missed. See the documentary "Dare Ya," made back in the day, to get a feel of that original LMF attitude. 

A decade since their debut, the band is getting back together for The Wild Lazy Tour this month.

The group has been caricatured in the past by mainstream media as a "swear-word songs" band, performing rap with incredible usages of the most crass of Cantonese profanity, offending Hong Kong's morality police and pushing every see lai's (typical Hong Kong housewife) buttons.

But some of LMF's best songs actually have little swearing, in fact, one of their biggest hits 大懶堂 doesn't have a single swear word in it.

The group's often overlooked genius is in their acrobatic Cantonese lyrics that get to the heart of working class frustrations.

Embedded within the catchy melodies and witty irony is the voice of every average Chan in Hong Kong, expressing their anger and sense of hopelessness latent under each apathetic facade.

One day someone will embark on a massive transcription and analysis of all of LMF's Canto lyrics and the results will be Hong Kong's urban anthropology in the last couple of decades.   

Details at www.wildlazymf.com

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