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Watch the FIFA World Cup on i-Cable on TVB and ATV

Watch the FIFA World Cup on i-Cable on TVB and ATV

Four core matches from the FIFA World Cup will be broadcast on free television channels in Hong Kong
world cup in hong kong

Four core matches of the 2010 FIFA World Cup will be broadcast on Hong Kong's free digital television stations TVB and ATV.

Subscription channel i-Cable, who has exclusive rights to broadcast the FIFA World Cup in Hong Kong, has signed a deal with free stations TVB and ATV to provide four matches from the 2010 FIFA World Cup on the local digital channels. Only the opening match on June 11, the two semifinals, and the final on July 11 will be provided to the free stations. The catch is, TVB and ATV will have to broadcast all of i-Cable's advertisements, promotional materials, and show hosts used during the four core matches. So viewers will get a full dose of the subscription channel on the free channels, as long as they have switched to digital television.

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