Video: Kung fu legend Sammo Hung shows us his moves

Video: Kung fu legend Sammo Hung shows us his moves

The next kung fu superstar will not emerge by magic, says kung fu filmmaker Sammo Hung

Sammo Hung, Hong Kong's consummate kung fu filmmaker, has seen and fought them all.

From his early days establishing the unique Hong Kong genre of kung fu vampire comedies -- producing seminal works like "Mr. Vampire" -- to his starring role in "Ip Man 2," Hung is Hong Kong kung fu movies' "Big Big Brother." The "Big Brother" refers to Jacky Chan.

Hung's latest production, "My Kingdom," is a Sino-Hollywood collaboration produced by Andre Morgan (of "Million Dollar Baby") and directed by Gao Xiao Sheng.

Hung is the film's martial arts director with the story line focusing on the dramas behind a group of Peking opera performers.

The action in "My Kingdom" fuses traditional opera movements with cinematic martial arts. The style is a specialty of Hung's as he was a child opera performer in the China Drama Academy's "Seven Little Fortunes" -- a group that included Jacky Chan, Corey Yuen and other pillars of Hong Kong's modern day kung fu movie industry.

In our video, Hung demonstrates different styles of Chinese kung fu and talks about his latest film project.

"My Kingdom" will be released on September 9 in cinemas across China. Watch the trailer here.