Choose your style: Tango in Hong Kong

Choose your style: Tango in Hong Kong

Argentines show us the difference between tango de salon and tango de milonga

Hong Kong's emerging tango scene proves that it takes a lot more than two to tango. Some Hong Kongers attend milongas, or tango parties, to show off their skills dancing escenario style. Others prefer the more reserved salón style. Both camps argue for their dance style's authenticity and slight superiority.

After the old-school Argentinian tango orchestra, Cafe de los Maestros, visited Hong Kong for the 2010 Arts Festival, CNNGo's Diego Laje, an Argentine himself, was inspired to explore the two styles of tango that are equally popular in Hong Kong. He speaks to professionals and afficionados and finds that the line between one style and another is not where we expect it to be.

The best starting point for those who want to learn more about tango in Hong Kong is Tango Tang, a website by local enthusiasts.

The milonga featured in this report is Milonga del Corazón in Wanchai, and one of the organizers, Coleman Koo, can be reached at

Argentine instructor Gabriel Pierucci's email is, more information on his lessons can be found at

Jessica Ng organizes milonga Las Chinitas, together with a group of friends who regularly travel to Argentina to hone their tango skills.

Another Hong Kong tango instructor whose input went into this report is Mona Kuk, she runs a studio in Central, her website is

Diego is an Argentine-born China addict. Not satisfied with big barbecue, tango and a relaxed lifestyle, he came to Hong Kong to wind down among the crowds in Causeway Bay.
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