Red MR: Karaoke in Hong Kong, digitalized

Red MR: Karaoke in Hong Kong, digitalized

Hong Kong's latest karaoke behemoth Red MR ups the game with cutting-edge gadgets

Red MR will open on December 18 and up the game for karaoke in Hong Kong with super gadgets.

The new karaoke venue will break the monopoly that the Neway chain has on the industry at the moment. Actually, it will blow it to smithereens. Red MR will install Microsoft Surface tables in their rooms. It's a multi-touch, interactive tabletop screen that can capture 80-100 touch points at a time, so many people can be doing lots of different things on it all at once.

Customers will be able to order their drinks, food and song selection from the Surface, which is essentially a computer, the size of a big ass table. It also does stuff like tell you what drink you are having when you set your glass down on the table, or let you play interactive games like Chinese dice -- with the people next door who are also wired in. Basically, you can do what you've always done at karaoke, but digitally, so it feels way cool.

About 60 tables will arrive at Red MR's two branches by April 2011. There will also be Kinect for Xbox 360 in the special theme rooms and at least one of these will have 3D technology for 3D karaoke.

Room are available for booking up to seven days prior. 


Red MR

To open on December 18

Tel +852 3125 3125
Causeway Bay branch: 8/f Windsor House, 311 Gloucestor Road, Causeway Bay
Tsim Sha Tsui branch: 1-2/f, 25-31 Carnavon Road Tsim Sha Tsui (next to K-11 Mall)

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