Michael Jackson exhibit opens today in Macau

Michael Jackson exhibit opens today in Macau

In other news: Falungong protestors were out in Hong Kong, old buildings to be inspected
michael Jackson macau
The Billie Jean glove is one of several items on show in Macau from the erstwhile King of Pop's estate.
The MJ Gallery at Ponte 16 opens this evening. The permanent exhibition at the casino resort in Macau will display 40 coveted items of Michael Jackson memorabilia, alongside depictions of the most important moments in the King of Pop's life. 

One of the key exhibits at the MJ Gallery at Ponte 16 is the white rhinestone glove worn by Michael Jackson for his moonwalk debut. See 10 Michael Jackson items and counting at Ponte 16 for more items.

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In other news:

Falungong march: Several hundred Falungong activists marched through Hong Kong on Sunday to protest a decision by city immigration officials to deny visas for several members of a Falungong-linked dance troupe. 

Checking out 4,000: After the shock of the collapsed building last Friday, Secretary for Development Carrie Lam said the government will carry out inspections of 4,000 buildings in Hong Kong aged over 50 years.

Housing queue: Even fresh graduates are joining the queue for public housing these days.

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