Justin Bieber live in Hong Kong, fans missing

Justin Bieber live in Hong Kong, fans missing

The Bieb arrives in Hong Kong, but his legions of hysterical, screaming tween fans were not at the airport to greet him
justin bieber in hong kong
Justin Bieber was seen vomiting backstage during his Manila show.

Justin Bieber arrived in Hong Kong yesterday at around noon, but the usual crowd of screaming fans that follow him everywhere were missing at the airport.

Bieber may have purposely kept his Hong Kong arrival low-key due to his delicate condition. The 17-year-old idol fell ill with a chest infection and was reportedly vomiting throughout his Manila concert on May 10.

Despite being sick, the pop star completed his 90-minute show in an impressive display of professionalism. After that, and a morning flight, it's reasonable that he would want to keep it mellow in Hong Kong.

But his fans' love shows no signs of waning. The #prayforjustin is trending strongly on Twitter as fans show their support for the singer, wishing that he will get well soon. Rumors surfaced several hours ago on Twitter that Bieber was in hospital in Hong Kong due to a fatal infection, but these have largely been dispelled.

The Justin Bieber Live in Hong Kong show will be on May 13 at the AsiaWorld-Expo.

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