iPhone app for Hong Kong democracy

iPhone app for Hong Kong democracy

Pro-democracy activists get with the program and set up an iPhone app for their cause complete with heroic avatars
iPhone apps Hong Kong democracy
Very serious cartoons: Pro-democracy activists Tanya Chan and Leung Kwok-hung aka "Long Hair" raise righteous fists on their iPhone apps.

Five pro-democracy activists have set up an iPhone app for their cause.

Supporters of Tanya Chan, Long Hair, Wong Yuk-man, Leong Kah-kit, and Chan Wai-yip can now sign up for the app by searching for "five district by-elections" in Chinese -- 五區公投. The latest news on rallying support for the by-elections as well as each politicians' personal blog, video posts, and photos are shared through the Chinese-language app.

We're loving the fists-raised, superhero-esque, iPhone avatars that are totally devoid of self-parody. Long Hair looks like he eats establishment running dogs for breakfast and Tanya Chan is a beaming portrait of positivity.

The resignation of the five pro-democracy lawmakers in January have forced a by-election, which they call a de-facto referendum on universal suffrage. The by-election will be held on May 16 to fill the vacancies in the Hong Kong Island, Kowloon West, Kowloon East, New Territories West and New Territories East geographical constituencies.

The five hope that reaching out to young voters through the iPhone app will be more effective than handing out flyers. Although ironically, Leong Kah-kit himself doesn't actually use the iPhone. There are currently 600,000-700,000 iPhone users in Hong Kong and the 2008 Legco Elections voter turnout was more than 1.5 million.

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