2010 FIFA World Cup South Africa: Hong Kongers will love the Diski Dance

2010 FIFA World Cup South Africa: Hong Kongers will love the Diski Dance

A catchy song? A celebrity footballer mascot? A viral Youtube video? No, the South Africans chose a dance to spread the World Cup spirit, and it looks like something right up our alley

The Diski is going to do very well in Hong Kong. It's a combination of line dancing (remember the Para Para craze that swept Canto-pop king Aaron Kwok off his feet) and football, two things that have a strong following in Hong Kong. 

Part mime, part dance, the Diski is a playful style of dance that mimics a footballer's moves on the field. The South African Consulate-General for Hong Kong and Macau has brought an instructor and a hundred performers to Hong Kong to teach locals how to do the dance and sound the drums for a year of World Cup promotions.

Learn the dance at Times Square from December 10-13. On the final day, over a hundred performers, costumed in the form of the South African national flag, will stage a large performance at the closing of the 2010 FIFA World Cup South Africa Exhibition at 3pm at Times Square.

There is also an exhibition at Times Square featuring World Cup paraphernalia and merchandise, including a world cup video game, photo exhibition and photo corner for the public to be snapped with the life sized FIFA mascot, Zakumi.

Daily Diski dance performances are at 1pm and 7pm on December 11; 3pm and 6pm on December 12; and 1pm and 3pm on December 13, with the final show highlighted by a huge dance party for all the public.


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