Hong Kong Rugby Sevens tickets: There's still hope

Hong Kong Rugby Sevens tickets: There's still hope

Get your Hong Kong Rugby Sevens tickets for a chance to wear that rubber chicken suit in public one more time
Hong Kong Rugby Sevens tickets
Getting Hong Kong Rugby Sevens tickets is the easy part, the real challenge is staying upright during the whole boozy session.

Securing Hong Kong Rugby Sevens tickets through public channels is impossible. Rugby fans from all over the world are keen to attend the big party that is Rugby Sevens, and be part of the boozy, costumed crowd of fans. Each year when tickets go on sale to the public, the HK Ticketing website and the Hong Kong Rugby Football Union hotline become constipated and the few thousand tickets available to the public are gone in a blink.

Which means that we have to get chummy with those in power (rugby stakeholders like big wig employees of Sevens sponsors), join local rugby clubs for priority sales, or just be resigned to brutal rip-offs by scalpers that sell tickets for up to HK$3,300+ online for what originally cost HK$1,500 for the three days.

You may strike it lucky on the day -- often those with corporate or package tickets have spares they are keen to offload or cannot back it up on Saturday after a big Friday. Join the masses of desperate ticket hunters outside Queen Victoria stadium in the mornings of the event.

The best forum to buy and sell Hong Kong Sevens rugby tickets is on Asiaxpat, especially in the lead up to the event. The site does its best, in liaison with the HKRFU, to try and prevent folks inflating ticket prices. For the really desperate, wandering around the stadium on match day, particularly after the day's play has begun can lead to last minute tickets -- especially from those too hungover from the night before to possibly endure another day in the stands.

But for those who reside outside of Hong Kong, chances of getting into the Sevens are much higher and you get considerably more bang for your buck. Hong Kong Rugby Sevens tickets for the main event that runs from March 25 - 27 can be found bundled into travel and hotel packages.

Every year the HKRFU partners with international travel agents to offer one-stop flight, hotel and ticket packages. But step on it -- even these packages are going fast.

For the full list of official Hong Kong Rugby Sevens tickets travel partners, check out the Hong Kong Sevens official website.