Amitabh Bachchan to take lifetime achievement award at Hong Kong International Film Festival

Amitabh Bachchan to take lifetime achievement award at Hong Kong International Film Festival

'Big B' will get the big award at the HKIFF next month and according to his blog, he's over the moon about it

The smoldering police inspector played by Amitabh Bachchan in "Zanjeer."

The Hong Kong International Film Festival will give Amitabh Bachchan the Lifetime Achievement Award.

The 4th Asian Film Awards, scheduled to start on March 22 as part of the Festival, will honor Bachchan with their highest accolade and here's what the "Big B" has to say about it: 

"[The award is] not so much a personal recognition, but one that comes to me as a member of the film industry of India and indeed India itself," Bachchan said on his blog. "Yet another moment when the Indian tricolor shall earn recognition on foreign soil. A moment of pride for me, a fraternity of which I am part and a country whose citizenship I cherish."

In his career-defining role in "Zanjeer" (see clip above), Bachchan broke free of the traditional confines of Bollywood's male protagonists as romantic heroes. His 'angry young man' character in the film won over critics and audiences, and Bachchan went on to make 15 years of box-office hits. Now recognised as 'The Godfather of Bollywood,' it's hard to keep count of the numerous international awards won by Bachchan, including 1984 Padma Shri, 1999 BBC Superstar of the Millenium, 2007 Officier de La Legion d’ Honneur (he is also one of CNNGo's Greatest Asian Actors of All Time, and PETA's Sexiest Vegetarian Male in Asia).

But we would really like to make up an award for Bachchan's latest achievement -- his highly addictive blog. Big B's flowing, descriptive prose is just the right shade of purple for Bollywood's most representative actor. The blog's self-indulgent melodrama (we'd be disappointed if it wasn't) is heightened by B's keen sense of the theatrical in even the most mundane minutiae of modern life. This isn't just another celebrity blog; this is the 'Indian tricolor' Bollywood hero blog. 

Check out the below, posted a few days ago:

"A gift of an iphone 3G and a day spent in understanding its functions. You carry your lifetime in your palm virtually -- of yesterday, today and tomorrow with the softness of your finger tip. Finger tips that carry the ultimate identification of human kind, the final ID. Now ironically used for identifying others, for reaching out to them, for seeking information hidden in millions of mega bites on Grey master computers. An International media conference meet stipulated the web as having a limitless future. We are already in limitless form. What ever could there be in store for us ? But then, who had ever imagined the onset of what we possess now. Who then can imagine what be in store for us in the future."

Great Monday guilty-pleasure reading, and if that weren't enough you can even hear it from the man himself in his latest self-absorbed gift to the people, his vocal blog, Bachan Bol

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